Hotel Grand Opening

Western Nebraska Observer 1918: Wheatgrowers to have Grand Ball December 23 – Everybody in Western Nebraska and Eastern Wyoming is cordially invited to attend the grand opening ball of the Wheatgrowers Hotel which will be held Monday evening, Dec 23 rd. Mr. Cunningham states that he hopes to be able to make the formal announcement of the opening of the hotel at this time but can not assure this. The dance will be a good one and all are invited.

Western Nebraska Observer, December 19, 1918: Wheat Growers dance postponed until January 1 – On account of delay in shipment of part of our heating plant, it will be necessary to postpone the bigt opening ball at the Wheat Growers Hotel. We expect, however, to be able to have the dance by New Years at least, at which time we also hope to be able to open our hotel – Wheat Growers Hotel

Western Nebraska Observer, January 9, 1919: The Wheat Growers hotel opened to the public this week. Monday evening about two hundred people of Kimball enjoyed a dance in the dining room. On account of our present light service the grand opening, which Mr. Cunningham had planned, will have to be postponed indefinitely. The new hotel is a great addition to Kimball and it is safe to say that Kimball people appreciate it. The furniture, carpets and in fact the hotel as a whole is equal to those of the large cities. The cost completed will likely reach near $100,000, the result of Kimball county hweat raised on Mr. Cunningham’s farms. Mr. Cunningham made a success as the largest wheat grower in the state of Nebraska and we believe he will be equally successful as a manager of the largest hotel in Western Nebraska, excepting only the new Lincoln in Scottsbluff.