1919 – 1925: F. H. Cunningham

Purchase of Land, including the lot for the Hotel on December 17, 1918 for $20,000. Foreclosure filed in the District Court of Kimball County on October 13, 1921. State Savings and Loan Association of Beatrice, NE versus Frank H. Cunningham. Source: Legal documents filed with the Kimball County Clerk, 1918 and 1921, respectively.

Frank Cunningham

Cunningham’s financial empire collapsed a few years after he built it, and Denver Dry Goods Co. repossessed elegant furnishings. State Savings and Loan of Beatrice instituted foreclosure proceedings. Everything was stripped from the hotal, including even some plumbing, and it was boarded up. It soon reopened when Tate and Johnson equipped a few rooms.

Herman Kallhoff helped build the Wheat Growers Hotel.

Western Nebraska Observer, May 2, 1985 (Centennial Edition)

1925 – 1945: Moore Family

Verne Moore and his wife Gladys Naomi Hallet moved to Kimball in 1927 were he became the manager of the Wheat Growers Hotel for his dad. Gladys did most of the cooking (she was very famous for her pies) and lots of the cleaning.

Richard Ernest Moore and Dorothy Jane Moore were the children of Verne and Gladys. They grew up in the busy atmosphere of the Wheat Growers Hotel where they learned to make beds, clean, do laundry, wait tables, mop floors and bellhop.

Source: Mary Moore, “Kimball County, Nebraska 100 Year History Book” published by the Plains Genealogical Society of Kimball County in 1988.

1945 - 1964: T.I. Dutch and Chuck and Hester Mary Halstead

1964 – [unknown]: Mr. and Mrs. A Blaine Jackson

1980's - Marty and Suzi Barr

1988 – Hotel Closed

2000 – 2004: Ed Avila

Ed Avila purchased the Wheat Grower's Hotel in 2000 for the back property taxes owed to Kimball County Nebraska. Ed was successful in getting the Wheat Growers Hotel added to the National Registry in 2002 (Building - #02000769) and Nebraska Historic Building Survey Site No. KM04-068.

2004 – 2006: Missionaire International

Missionaire International purchased the hotel in 2004 from Ed Avila. Their intent was to renovate the hotel into apartments for the Missionaries, classrooms, and a youth center. Missionaire started demolition of the hotel's interior with volunteer help - both missionary and community volunteers. During the summer of 2005 they replaced most of the window glass, re-roofed, removed lathe and plaster from the interior walls.

2006: Kent and Sue Worker

On April 21, 2006, Kent and Sue Worker purchased the hotel from the Missionaire International.  We, Kent and Sue Worker, are the current owners of the Wheat Growers Hotel. "Caretakers" are what we really feel best describes our part in the history of this magnificent building.  We bought this Hotel for two reasons......to secure it from being torn down (and, yes, even though the Hotel is on the National Historic Registry it can be torn down) and to keep this valuable piece of Kimball (and American) history in the hands of people who care and love 'her'.