Future Plans for the Hotel

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Second Floor (PDF)

Downstairs: Gallery & Ballroom

French doors will lead into the Ballroom from the Gallery (where the steps and elevator are located). The "Head Table" faces the dance floor and grand piano.  Due to the "floating" dance floor, the Ballroom can be reconfigured to seat many guests for different functions.



Downstairs: Brew Pub

This 3D view is looking down into the Brew Pub rooms.  The Brew Pub will be located in the basement on the west side of the building.  A spiral staircase from the first floor (along with the outside steps and the Gallery elevator) will bring the guest into a first rate, non-smoking Brew Pub.  Special dark and light Wheat beers are being developed at this time by the Lodgepole Creek brewery to be proudly served at the Wheat Growers Hotel Brew Pub. (Public restrooms are also shown and are accessed by the Brew Pub and Ballroom facilities).

Brewery Entrance

Tap Room

View from Brewery

View from Office

This shows the west end of the 'ballroom' which replaces the gallery in the older plans.  The room is multi-purpose.  Here it is shown as the Lodgepole Lounge, and extension of the Pub.  The space can also be used as a side lounge for the ballroom, or the furniture can be changed and this can be used with the ballroom as the head table space or simply an extension of the ballroom.

Lodgepole Lounge


Downstairs: Boiler Room

View from Elevator

View towards North

View towards South

1st Floor: Front Lobby

The first floor includes the spacious Lobby, fine dining Restaurant (and kitchen), Conference Rooms, 3 story elevator,  Hotel's laundry facility, Coffee Kiosk,  Museum,  and the Wheat Growers Hotel Boutique.



1st Floor: Restaurant

The Restaurant will be relocated to the first floor to allow outdoor dining on the deck in the Courtyard. 

Deck with Shade


From Coffee Patio

Dining Room

2nd Floor: Grand Hallway

When ascending to the second floor, guests will be greeted by the splendor of the Grand Hallway. The original airshafts have been retained for their historical value. Skylights in each airshaft will light up the hallway during the day and provide sunlight for hanging plants within the shafts.  The ten Historical Suites are located on this second floor.

Keep watching!!  From old to new!!!

2nd Floor: Mezzanine

This beautiful balcony is extended over the registration desk below.  Viewed from the front lobby and surrounded by railings, musicians use to play to the guests! Notice the grand piano on the mezzanine.  Also the original painting on the front wall has been saved and will be restored to its original grandeur. (The painting in this picture is not the current or future one. The original painting is of a wheat harvest).


Patio Below Dining

View from Gazebo

View from Lobby

Lower Patio Dining

Images Courtesy of David McMorran

The following 3D pictures are conceptual drawings generated by David C. McMorran after touring the Hotel with Kent and Sue Worker.  David has his Bachelor Degree in Architecture and Masters Degree in Landscape Architecture from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, California.  He has a great passion for historic buildings and was trilled to be asked to be a part of this project! David is Sue's oldest brother and she is so appreciative to have his excitement and expertise.  Each 3-D picture takes approximately four hours to generate. Thanks Dave!!